Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

Are you ready to dive into e-mail marketing?  Then why not make a head start with this two-day course. We've designed an interactive, customizable course that covers the who, what, when, why, and how of a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

This course will cover-

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: Getting to Know E-mail Marketing
  • What is E-Mail Marketing?
  • Glossary of Terms
  • History of E-Mail Marketing
  • Getting It Right
  • Session Three: Setting Up Your Audience
  • Gathering Contacts
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Staying Organized
  • Session Four: The Tools
  • Setting Up A Plan
  • Choosing an E-Mail Marketing Provider
  • Get Practical
  • Session Five: Designing Your Campaign Strategy
  • Looking at Your Campaign Strategy
  • What’s Your Campaign Strategy?
  • Going Beyond the Basics
  • Session Six: Crafting Messages for Each Campaign
  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Crafting Your Message
  • The Message IS The Message
  • Designing an Eye-Catching E-Mail
  • Choosing the Right Design
  • Making Connections
  • Make This Easy
  • Session Seven: Good Habits Get Optimal Results
  • Be a Good E-Mailer
  • Smart Rules Apply
  • Conversions
  • Designing Content That Has Value
  • Developing Different Types of Content
  • Session Eight: What to Write
  • Give People What They Want
  • Be Green…Evergreen That Is!
  • Topic Generator
  • Let’s Get to Work
  • Session Nine: Subject Lines and Action Calls
  • Great Subject Lines
  • Action Items
  • Use Strategy with Your Call to Action
  • Session Ten: If It Doesn’t Get Measured, It Can’t Be Counted
  • Key Metrics
  • Revenue Per E-Mail Sent
  • Timing Your E-Mail Message
  • Test Before You Send
  • Session Eleven: Test Driving
  • Making Connections
  • Writing Your Initial Welcome E-Mail
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment Answer Keys
  • Personal Action Plan

Internet Marketing

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If after 1 hour you are not entirely happy with the course, we will refund your money back