Team Leading Course


It is paramount that if a business is to succeed then you will need leaders to lead a team.

This course provides a solid introduction to team-leading training with theory as well as interactive quizzes and a workbook that the learner can download and print as they work through this course.

The learner will also be able to printout a course completion certificate that can be verified with the learners own course completion id number

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On this team leading course you will cover the following topics:-
  • Do we know a leader when we see one?
  • Leadership skills and qualities
  • What is leadership?
  • The helicopter view
  • X & Y Theory
  • John Adairs – Action Centred Leadership
  • Consequences of poor leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Matching leadership styles with performance
  • Definition of Team Building
  • Stages of Team Building
  • Conflict and negotiation
  • What is Motivation
  • Fredrick Herzberg Theory
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs
  • SMART objectives


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