Introduction to Bookkeeping, Finance & Business Accounts


Introduction to Bookkeeping, Finance & Business Accounts

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training


Financial Control is critical to the success of any business, especially more so in the first year of business.  Whether you are a small to medium-sized business or a large multinational organisation there will be somebody responsible for managing the finances and accounts and keeping records.  In the business world of the 21st Century it is becoming more important for managers to have an understanding of finances within their organisation, managing budgets, purchases and staffing.

Our Introduction to Finance and Bookkeeping course will be suitable for any manager, or budding entrepreneur, wanting to:

    • develop their financial understanding
    • understand how their decisions affect their organisation’s financial performance
    • improve their organisation’s financial performance

This coures will help managers new to finance and those looking for a refresher.  Equally useful for Entrepreneurs looking to start their own business but have little understanding of the financial procedures required to do so.

This course starts in Feb 2020


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